Health Diagnosis Support

Helping You to Understand and Cope with a Health/Medical Diagnosis

Our Health Diagnosis Support Service

Our Health/Medical Diagnosis Support Service offers a library of materials that provides invaluable information to assist when managing a specific diagnosis. The information is organized by category, and each category contains the most common conditions diagnosed by doctors. Our categories include Autoimmune, Blood-related, Cancer, Dementia and Parkinson’s, Diabetes-Hypoglycemia, Gastro-intestinal, Heart and Circulatory, Injuries and Poisoning, Kidney and Urinary, Lung, Mood, and Musculoskeletal Diagnoses.

These short Health/Medical Diagnoses are helpful for ongoing conditions as well as crucial to the newly-diagnosed A new diagnosis frequently shocks and bewilders, and everyone needs a quick, concise, easy place to learn what it means and how to manage it.

While we anticipated that each Key and Guide would be one page long, some diagnoses require longer entries to yield a complete picture for that portion of the condition.

Diagnosis Information

After selecting a category, there is a list of common diagnoses within that category. Each diagnosis contains a Keys to Success, identifying what to do, not do, and why. We include a Shopping Guide, printable for your marketing trips, where you can indicate which items to purchase and the quantity. This Guide is geared to help you select the foods beneficial for the condition and avoid those that may aggravate the condition. Lastly, we include a Supplement Guide. Like the Shopping guide, it is designed for you to print out and indicate what you choose to purchase. It is a list of supplements that are recognized as helpful for the condition.

Wellness and Prevention

The Wellness and Prevention section addresses maintaining your good health or improving it! It includes information such as Keys to Good Health, both Healthy and High-Fiber Diets, a Keep Healthy Supplement Guide, and grocery store and meal aids, such as shopping the market perimeter, how to select healthy produce, and proper cooking guidelines for produce. This section also includes information on pneumonia prevention.


Our tidbits section includes information about all those nice-to-know miscellaneous items, such as dehydration, Vitamin D, wild-caught versus farm-raised fish, how to select eggs, GMO versus non-GMO, butter versus margarine, organic versus non-organic, and many more! Each of these tidbits is a page or less.