How diagnosing and treating asthma, COPD early can significantly improve quality of life

Like so many other conditions, finding and treating asthma and COPD early has a significant impact on outcomes and overall quality of life. 

Early diagnosis helps outcomes 

'Rejuvenating' mitochondria may help fight toxic proteins in Alzheimer's

The mitochondria are the energy centers of the cells. This research shows a possible link between the state of the mitochondria and toxic proteins tied to Alzheimer's. 

Mitochondria and Alzheimer's 

Unique brain circuits may be linked to eating habits, weight loss

Research always looks for new information. Eating habits and wieght loss may be tied to specific brain circuits. 

Weight loss tied to unique brain circuits 

Western diet could impact gut inflammation, leading to chronic conditions

Inflammation is known to cause many problems in the body. This research shows the Western diet may worsen inflammation in the gut and chronic conditions. 

Western diet and inflammation 

Ketogenic diet may help lower stress and boost mental health, researchers say

The benefits of the ketogenic diet on the body have been known for years. New research shows it may have a positive impact on stress and mental health. 

Ketogenic diet has more benefits 

Can sleep really clear toxins from the brain? New study offers clues

It was suggested that a benefit of sleep is to clear toxins from the brain. New research points the other way, that brain toxins are cleared while awake, not while asleep. 

Can sleep clear brain toxins? 

Alzheimer’s biomarkers observed in young people with diabetes

New research has found that young people with diabetes are also showing biomarkers for Alzheimers. The markers mean a higher risk for developing Alzheimers in the future.  

Diabetes and Alzheimers in the young 

New oral rinse could help detect gastric cancer in early stages

Detecting cancer earlier improves the outcomes. Now, researchers have found an oral rinse that can help detect gastric cancer in its early stages. 

Detecting gastric cancer earlier 

Exercise stimulates brain function thanks to its effect on muscles, study suggests

Everyone knows that exercise is good for the body. Now research shows it also helps the brain by the impact on the muscles. 

Exercise helps the body and the brain 

Regularly adding table salt to food linked to 41% higher risk of gastric cancer

Salt is an essential nutrient for cell functioning and health. However, new research shows adding salt regularly increaes the risk of gastric cancer.  

Too much salt is not good