What are the first signs of gluten intolerance?

Gluten is a component in many foods and has gotten a lot of press lately. Celiac disease is when the body's reaction to gluten is severe. However, some people do not have celiac disease but still show a sensitivity to gluten. Here are signs to look for to help identify it. 

Symptoms of gluten intolerance  

Stem cell transplants can be a safe treatment for knee osteoarthritis pain

Knee osteoarthritis pain can be debilitating and have a significant effect on quality of life. Existing treatments usually focus on life style changes such as exercise, reducing or eliminating infammatory food in the diet and weight reduction if appropriate. This is a new treatment that shows promise. 

New treatment for osteoarthritis shows promise 

What foods are high in protein?

Protein is essential to good health. A diet with sufficient protein is needed at every age. As people get older foods should be more nutrient dense and that includes protein. The article offers meat and plant based options. 

Protein rich food choices 

Foods and meal plans for iron deficiency

Iron is a essential nutrient. Low iron is called anemia and can lead to other health problems. Here are the foods to eat with if your iron is low. Both meat based and plant based choices are offered. 

Foods high in iron

What is gaslighting?

Gaslighting is a tecnhique designed to make someone question their own mental stability and sanity. It is very devious and harmful and used to manipulate and control others. Here are ways to recognize it and counter the attacks. 

Gaslighting - what it is and ways to counter it 

Does a Mediterranean diet really help lower 'bad' cholesterol?

The Mediterranean diet has been touted as an answer to many health problems like high cholesterol. But new research says it may not live up to all the claims.  

Does the Mediterranean diet live up to the claims 

How high-intensity water exercise can help people with diabetes and other conditions

Many people with health conditions such as diabetes cannot do strenuous exercise. Doing water exercise may be the answer to getting the strenuous exercise needed in a safe environment. 

Water exercise is the answer 

How to strengthen the lower back

Lower back pain can be debilitating. Here are ways to strengthen the lower back and avoid painful injuries. 

Ways to strengthen the lower back 

Could 1 dose of a gene-editing therapeutic lower hereditary bad cholesterol?

For some people a change of diet can help lower bad cholesterol. But for others it is a hereditary family problem. New research shows one dose of a gene editing therapeutic may be the answer.  

Simple way to lower bad cholesterol?  

Eating strawberries linked to improved cognition and mood in adults with overweight

Strawberries taste good and go with many desserts. Now a new helath benefit have been found. They help mood and cognition in people who are overweight. 

Strawberries - new health benefit