5 Best CPAP Machines for At-Home Use in 2023

For people with Sleep Apnea a CPAP, Continuous Positive Air Pressure, machine can be life-saving. This article helps you find the best ones. 

Help in choosing the best CPAP 

Should dieters focus on feeling full after a meal, rather than calorie counting, for best results?

Dieting raises many questions about how to do it successfully. This article helps someone choose between feeling full or counting calories. 

Feeling full or calorie counting?

New treatment strategy for stroke-related brain bleed could save thousands of lives

Brain bleeds are always serious. New research is showing a new treatment strategy can be effective in stroke related event.   

New hope for stroke related brain bleed 

Heart attack may speed up cognitive decline, study finds

New research is showing a relationship between having a heart attack and the speed of cognitive decline. 

Heart attack and cognitive decline speed related 

Inflammatory bowel disease: High-sugar diet worsens IBD symptoms

IBS affects many people making life uncomfortable and often causing plans to be cancelled. New research shows sugar can worsen symptoms of IBS.

IBS worsened by sugar 

Best Weight Loss Programs for Women

So many want to loss weight, but there are so many ways to do it. Which one is best for me? Here is help deciding. 

Help picking a weight loss program  

Daily multivitamin may improve memory, help slow cognitive decline

Who doesn't want to improve memory and sliw cognitive decline? A daily vitamin may help!

Vitamins help memory 

How flavonol-rich foods like apples and blackberries keep you strong as you age

We all want to stay strong, especially as we age. Here is a simple way, through foods we like. 

Foods help us stay strong 

Becoming more physically active linked to higher pain tolerance

Pain is an everyday occurance for many. Being physically active may help without the need for pain killers.  

Exercise and pain tolerance 

10 commonly used pesticides directly linked to Parkinson's in new study

Parkinson's is a threat to many older people. Now they have linked it to products used by many. 

Parkinson's and pesticides